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Nov 01, 2019 at 08:16 AM

Stock data of serial number SPF1M6E0A not suitable for movement



please need support ASAP, first i create material should be with serial number profile but i forget to assign it then in material master data then i use transaction MB1C and upload initial stock ( 561 ) then post without putting any serial number sure, after that i remmember to put the serial number profile and done,

Now i trying to reverse this quantity to upload it with serials, but the system behviour now when i do (562) to reverse the system ask for serials and get the error in attached with steps also.

QA: what i do to remove the stock and avoiding the serials?

QA2: how i can add the serials manually to the exist stock

Your Help is appriciated.



Stock data of serial number SPF1M6E0A not suitable for movement

Message no. IO231


The current stock information for the serial number SPF1M6E0A contradicts the stock information of the movement to be posted. The following stock information is valid for the document and the serial number:

  • Stock Type of Goods Movement (Primary Posting)
  • Stock data 01
  • Serial data

Only the first different field for the stock data/serial data is assigned. However, further data may also be inconsistent. To determine whether this is the case, you can start an analysis.

System Response

Two system responses are possible (set using Customizing):

  • If the case of an error occurring, the assignment of the serial number to this posting procedure is not possible.
  • In the case of a warning, you can, if necessary, transfer the notification.


Assign a serial number which corresponds in your stock information to the stock data of the posting. You can display the serial numbers which can be used using Select serial numbers. }}}}