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Oct 31, 2019 at 09:48 PM

Successfactors OData Query returns different count records each time.


Hello Experts,

I am running a Odata query over multiple loops checking the property for more records using -- ${property.Receiver.OData.hasMoreRecords} contains 'true' .

The Connector is configured to use Server Based Snapshot with a page size of 200. The query has no time based filter.


But each time the query runs , the count of the records fetched keep changing. Even if the runs are minutes apart from each other.

Example: I have manually executed the iflow each time, after one run is successfully finished.

Run Finished at 5:17 Fetches 14553 Records.

Run Finished at 5:28 Fetches 14093 Records.

Run Finished at 5:43 Fetches 14248 Records.

Is this an expected behavior? My understanding is the data being pulled should be fairly constant when the query is static.

Thank you,