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Oct 28, 2019 at 04:47 PM

Using VB in Web Intelligence



I have several .rep that needs to migrated from BO XI to BI 4.2. They contains VB code to achieve 3 different tasks.

1) to configure the document. (The user has just to open a "master.rep", a pop-up window appears and asks informations like the type of the rapport with a radio button, check boxes and a date. When the user click on "ok", the VB code generate the rapport adding the good .rep(there is several .rep for each case). At the end, the user prints the document and leaves deskI without saving. So the next time he opens the "master.rep" , he can make another document.)

2) to display a map. (A software called "surfer" create a .bmp. The VB macro tells surfer to refresh and adds the bitmap in the document.)

3)to access data like a universe.

In BI 4.2, DeskI doen't exist anymore and we have to use WebI(Tell me if I make a mistake).

Can I use VB in WebI?

The easiest way for me is reusing the VB code but I don't find how to use it in webI.

If I can't reuse it, what is the best way to do the tasks?

For the 1, no ideas. Maybe using Filters and user prompt/ control inputs?

For the 2, can Geo Choropleth Charts make it?

For the 3, I think VB is not necessary (