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Oct 27, 2019 at 08:42 PM

Questions about actuality SAPUI5 + CDS applications


Hi Everybody! I have started to learn SAPUI5 and CDS for ABAP, and I have some questions to you. Could you answer it, if it possible. All questions is only my opinion.

1. In the different sources, I readed that SAPUI5 is a consistention of best UI practice. But in the official demos and my samples that was generated from CDS , I did not found very useful possabilities. For example, I tryed copypast, but I can not copy some interval of values in the column of table (all data from all columns was selected and copied, becouse it is a HTML text), also tables has no functions for data analises.

Question - how do you see, is the SAPUI5 real convinient for user in ABAP NetViewer environment?

2. The question of security. As SAPUI5 application is a JavaScript code, any user can open the debugger in the brouser and see all logic of the application, all data (that maybe should be hided on the screen), all oData sources (this sources user can use outside of application and can download hided data also change DB data with incorrect) . Also user can rewrite JavaScript code in debugger and avoid some security moments.

Question - how do you the security approatch for SAPUI applications, how you validate data in CRUD CDS ? Most interest the practice of SAPUI5 and CDS .

3. The question about actuality of SAPUI5 . The classic SAPGUI application gives me some couple of benefites: a. I can start transaction in SAPGUI b. I can start transaction in HTML GUI c. I can start transaction in job d. I can use application like a module (submit, batch input). With SAPUI5 - I can use application in brouser only.

Question - how do you see the actuality of SAPUI5 applications in ABAP NetViewer environment?

4. Currently, the CDS + autogenerated Odata + autogenerated SAPUI5 is the best practices for application development . But practically, it is difficult to prepare the data for application with only one CDS, usually we needs postprocess of data with FM or some methods.

Question - how do you create difficult data models with only one CDS ?

5. The question about speed performance. As SAPUI5 is a stateless application and hase no trabsaction in the backend, it means that application do request and response to backend wery often. And all time backend read data from scratch. Maybe for HANA it is OK, but we can use CDS and SAPUI5 with old Oracle DB or MSSQL (also file or slow webservices), for that environments it can be a problem, ond classic approatch (read to internal tables and use it from memory) geves more benefites. Is it means that SAPUI5 + CDS - only for HANA ?

Question - Did you fou found any problems with SAPUI5 speed performances ?