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Oct 25, 2019 at 09:17 PM

work manager "background sending" is same as "transmit" action?


Hi All,

We are using SAP work Manager , Now we realized once we logoff and log back in it works exactly like "Transmit"

I mean to say we have coded some action on "Transmit" button (Change the Work Order Operation User status to "Complete" ) & when we do Transmit it is also Pulls new Work orders from SAP.

Now we realized when we log off & log back in ( , we can see the Work Orders status has changed to Complete & we have also received new work order , even though we did not press on "transmit" button it is happening automatically.

In our system "background sending is set as ON"

My Question - Does logoff/Login behave exactly like "transmit' action when "background sending is set as ON" ?