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Oct 25, 2019 at 08:36 AM

Missing filter option standard SAP BADI implementation


Hello there...

Currently i'm trying to fix a syntax error in standard SAP BADI implementations of /POSDW/CONDITION, according to note 987226

Importing the support package as described is not an option: current release is 7.4 SP22. However, the problem as described in said note is exactly what i'm seeing. And thus i went on to do some manual adjustments as described in the note.

And that's where it gets interesting.... removing the incorrect filter values was no problem. The next step however, inserting back the filter values, is where it goes wrong: i cannot add the filter values! Looking at all menu options and buttons: there is none! And when i look at the conflict list, there is the possibility of adjusting the BADI implementation. Pressing that button brings me to the implementation but again: no option to add filter values...

I even tried to make a new implementation but again: no option to add a filter value.

Anyone with an idea or suggestion where to look or how to solve this?

Kind regards!