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Oct 24, 2019 at 08:57 AM

Sybase replication server


Hi all,

I need your suggestion here, I am working on test case in which work around is required to be performed on SRS & target database server.

Overview of Setup:-

Its table level replication & data from as DB2(Source) ==>> SRS ==>> HANA (Target) .


Consider we have a situation in which due to some issue we need to restore say at 10 am HANA Database ( Homo or Heterogeneous) to some previous time say 2 hour back (so it's 8 am). But till 10 am replication was working fine & was in sync , so it means till 10 am replication server replicated data to Target host, but now we have new data on Hana data server (target)as we restored 2 hour back data.


1 . Log pointer (rs_locator) value in Target is having 10 am value & same is set in SRS but we have restored data till 8 am ( 2 hour lag) , so here will SRS reject further processing ? Will replication server start flowing data to Target & will target accept it?

2 . If not what will be issue or what will block flowing of data.

3. What can be done here as work around to make flow of data. If more information or clarity required on this to understand the situation do let me know .

** Any change in system table like rs_locator or rs_oqid is suggested ? As SAP wont recommended touching it.

If further more details is required to understand situation do let me know.

Many Thanks & Regards

Sukriti Verma