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Oct 23, 2019 at 03:15 PM

How to use memory variables in GET method when calling external API?

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Hi everyone,

I'm developing a simple chatbot that gives infos about Sales Orders available on our S4 on-premise system.

Connection beetwen convAI and the OData service published on our local system is working pretty well, and i was trying to extract infos of a specific SO starting from the SO number inputed from the user in the chat.

To do so, I thought I had to pass the memory.salesorder-number in the GET method when calling the external API.

What I'm still unable to understand is how can I put a variable in the service url to specify the key of my entityset.

I was expecting to write something like this https://my-machine/odata/SAP/ZINN_SALESBOT_DEMO_SRV/SalesOrderSet('{{memory.salesorder-number}}') but i found out that putting the symbol "{" in the textfield make the entire web-page to freeze forever!

Am i missing something? What's the correct way to specify a key via memory variable for a get_entity to external API?

Thx a lot for your support,



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