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Oct 31, 2019 at 03:41 PM

PPDS - Scheduling


Hello experts ,

I have a scheduling challenge in PPDS .

There are 3 things - Press , tool & sku's

There are 26 Presses – say 1 to 26 – All stationary

There are tools – say from A to Z

Materials: from 1 to 999

Process flow: To produce specific Finished goods, relevant tools will be used. The tools go inside the press & the pressing action happens on the tool/mold & the specific finished good is produced. Certain Tools can only go inside certain Press say for example – Tools A, B can go inside Press1, Tools C & D can go inside Press 2 …. etc. Additionally tools have different production output & that also plays key role in scheduling

Issue: How to Schedule the tool as well as the Finished good ? This is within APO, esp. PPDS. Is Block planning the way to go ? If yes , appreciate few lines on high level mapping

Appreciate your help . Will reward points accordingly.

Many thanks!