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Oct 30, 2019 at 09:34 AM

Dynamic analytic privilege issue in XS advanced


Hello Expert,

I have an issue with XSA authorization. I am trying to setup dynamic analytic privilege in XSA. I have designed all the required objects for this.

1. A procedure which will be executing dynamically
2. A table which is used in above procedure, having mapping; like which user has what access.
3. hdbrole containing accesses for container, hdbrole with Grant option and default_access_role.
4. Dynamic Analytic privilege, where procedure will be input.
When we run the procedure, we get required result. When we try data preview on a calculation view which is SQL analytic privilege check enabled, we get auth issue that _SYS_REPO doesn't have EXECUTE access on procedure.

SAP has asked to provide EXECUTE access to _SYS_REPO user to fix the issue. What we have done is, we have added EXECUTE privilege of this procedure in hdbrole and assigned this role to _SYS_REPO user.

We are not getting above error now. But still have auth issue with data preview. SAP says, we have to assign SELECT access on a table which is used in the procedure.

The challenge is, no user is a grantor for this table(or its schema), when we check the list of GRANTOR for this table, we get those 3 hdbroles(created in point 3) as output. How to assign SELECT access on the table to _SYS_REPO??

Anybody has setup Dynamic analytic privilege in XSA, please help us. I was following Thomas Jungs video for this.∈dex=9