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Oct 30, 2019 at 02:57 AM

Device Installation Change Proposed Registers (EE07ZWKONF)


Hi all, I'm reviewing automation of full installation of full devices.

I have no issues with achieving the installation via a number of methods:

  1. MDT via template NEWCUSTPOD confgured appropriately
  2. Custom Application calling ISU_S_WORKLIST_INSTALL
  3. Robotics via EG31.

However, only item 3 appears to allow the manipulation of the proposed registers from the register group.

EG31, has an interface EDIT --> Change Register Configuration (EE07ZWKONF)

And as yet, I haven't determined how to achieve the same functionality at run time to dynamically disable proposed registers unless first modifying the device into a specific register group matching the required configuration, which I cannot achieve in the MDT.

Is there a systematic control available to allow this I've missed?

Side note: I've also reviewed the User Exits under EDMDI001 etc

& Enhancement spots in ES_SAPLE30D

Any insights gratefully received.