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Oct 29, 2019 at 08:03 PM

PFAC simulation crash



in PFAC i have created rule with FM, which collects the users based on role (rule container RULE_ROLE) and i bind this container to workflow container to pass the value. Than in FM i use command SWC_GET_ELEMENT AC_CONTAINER 'RULE_ROLE' lv_role. Than i use variable lv_role as exporting paramter in function PRGN_READ_USERS_FOR_ONE_AGR. The result of this function (list of users) i save in itable and than append rows of this table to the table ACTOR_TAB.

There are 2 main problems i am facing: First is i cant test the rule because whenever i try to simulate rule through PFAC - simulate, the main window pops up, i put some role to RULE_ROLE conatiner and when i click to execute F8 the window just close, without any crash message or message at all.. And second problem is i am not sure wheather the rule works or not, i just tried to test it in workflow and i doesnt work.

Would appreciate atleast some suggestions to solving my first problem so i can just figure out wheather my rule is working or not.