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PFAC simulation crash


in PFAC i have created rule with FM, which collects the users based on role (rule container RULE_ROLE) and i bind this container to workflow container to pass the value. Than in FM i use command SWC_GET_ELEMENT AC_CONTAINER 'RULE_ROLE' lv_role. Than i use variable lv_role as exporting paramter in function PRGN_READ_USERS_FOR_ONE_AGR. The result of this function (list of users) i save in itable and than append rows of this table to the table ACTOR_TAB.

There are 2 main problems i am facing: First is i cant test the rule because whenever i try to simulate rule through PFAC - simulate, the main window pops up, i put some role to RULE_ROLE conatiner and when i click to execute F8 the window just close, without any crash message or message at all.. And second problem is i am not sure wheather the rule works or not, i just tried to test it in workflow and i doesnt work.

Would appreciate atleast some suggestions to solving my first problem so i can just figure out wheather my rule is working or not.


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  • I think because you selected the checkbox: Terminate If Rule Resolution Without Result so it closed without any message. Did you try to debug the Rule's function module (you have to put external debug when simulate ) or simple just run the fm SWC_ELEMENT_GET directly.

    I can see you are trying to determine agent for a task, I think you should check the object type in actor_tab is correct or not...also try to define your task as general task...

    one more advise is copy some standard workflow which closed to your business.

  • No idea why you can't test your rule (did you trace and debug the execution? Did you make sure your function module has the right interface?)

    You may debug the function module RH_GET_ACTORS which calls the function module of the rule.

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