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Oct 29, 2019 at 05:13 PM

Bug in SP25: CrystalReportsViewer control requires optional parameters on second page



We are experiencing a bug with the ASP.NET CrystalReportsViewer control in Crystal Reports for Visual Studio SP 25:

We have a Crystal report that takes in both required and optional Number and String parameters. Here is the behavior I am experiencing for this when I attempt to run the report using Crystal Reports for VS SP 25:

  1. I opened the page with the report in my web browser
  2. Crystal prompted for all of the parameters in the report
  3. I specified values for the required parameters, but left the optional parameters blank.
  4. Crystal loaded the first page of the report
  5. I attempt to navigate to the second page.
  6. Crystal prompted for the optional parameters again and would not load the second page until I supplied values for them!

With Crystal Reports for VS SP 22, Crystal does not prompt for the optional parameters at Step 6. Rather, it just loads the second page as expected.

This happens in Google Chrome (77.0.3865.120) and IE (11.1069.17134.0).

Is there an estimated timeframe for when this bug will be fixed?


Andrew Langemann