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Oct 29, 2019 at 05:29 AM

Follow-up on Risk Assessment - button not found


Hi Experts,

We are unable to perform Follow-up on Risk Assessment as the button is missing on the NWBC Risk Assessment Form which is at Closed Status.

Can only see the Follow-up on Identified Risks Button and it functions correctly as per design.

However, in SPRO we can see the default BADI's are already enabled for the below

  1. Creation of 1:1 copy of Risk Assessment
  2. Data Transfer to Follow-up Risk Assessment.

Below are more details on the investigations performed.

  1. Found two SAP Notes and from EHSM FP01 upgrade information, where in new functionalities related to Follow-up’s were introduced.
    1. SAP Note: 2211858 - Integration of New Follow-Up Functionality in Risk Assessment
    2. SAP Note: 2199649 - New Follow-Up Functionality for Risks
    3. SAP EHSM Upgrade Information portal
  2. Though the BAdI’s related are in implemented status, the Follow-up on Risk assessment does not exist at all in the system.
  3. Could not find more information on the functionality of Follow-up on Risk Assessment being disabled in new releases.
  4. The SPRO Config for "Specify Control Effectiveness" states that - "If a control is evaluated and determined to be effective, the system does not start any further processes, such as follow-up assessments." We have tested the same and yet the Button does not appear.

Differences in the Functionality of Follow-up’s:

  1. Follow-up on Risk assessment (previous functionality)
    1. Creates exact same copy of a Risk assessment after closing an assessment
    2. Copies over all the information like Title, Assessment Teams, Regulations, Reasons, Risks and Assessment Steps
    3. Is linked to previous version and can be used further for business activities on the form
  2. Follow-up on Identified Risks (new functionality)
    1. Creates copy of Risk and Assessment steps only to a new form
    2. Only Risk revisions is being triggered here.

We would like to understand, what are the new dependencies to be able to get the button and perform the "Follow-up on Risk Assessment" form, instead of just the "Follow-up on Identified Risks"