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Oct 25, 2019 at 12:33 PM

Why should I use sample drawing while I am using the insp. type 01?

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Hi, I am studing about sample drawing procedure and I come up with a doubt about this topic, I don't understand why should I use sample drawing procedure, because in my understand it does the same thing of a inspection type assigned in the quality view.

For exemple, when I just have associated a inspection type 01 in my quality view, happening a good receit against a purchase order, a sample will be created according to the sample rule that I had assigned in the MIC in the inspection plan, and this sample will be send to the quality area to efetuate the analysis. And if I had created a sample drawing procedure would happens the same thing, supposing that I had created a primary sample type. In other words, the only difference that I can see here in use a Sample drawing procedure (SDP) is that bewond I take a sample to send to the quality area, like already happens with I just use a Inspt. type 01, with SDP I also can use the sample type Reserved. Can someone help me with this question?