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Oct 24, 2019 at 01:13 PM

Mapping issue/critical


Hi All,

There is one segment which has occurance of 0..9999999 and its child node field are PO_ITEM(0..1), GL_Account(0..1), Cost Center (0..1)

PO_ITEM has output values like 10 & 20.

For mapping GL_Account a feild CUSADD has mutiple values but one value 'K' which is signficant, if K is the value then the PO will have GL_ACCOUNT & COST CENTER values in the output, if there is nothing or blank then it will not reflect.

Now, the problem is that when mapping runs for 1st PO_ITEM '10' we dont have value K from feild CUSADD and for POITEM 20 we have value K.

But in the output we are getting value for GLACCOUNT & COSTCENTERfor POITEM 10 which should happen for POITEM 20.

Please help me what needs to be done here.