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Oct 30, 2019 at 08:47 AM

Recurring Inspection of Batch Stock based on Hours not days


The client has a requirement to move stock back to QI Stock status after a set number of hours, from the time of recording usage decision.

The standard process for QM Recurring Inspection has been implemented using Insp Type 09 and Inspection Interval (days) on the material master’s QM view. The stock movement (322) from Unrestricted to QI Stock and 09 inspection lot is being triggered by the QA07 Deadline Monitoring program when the batch’s next inspection date is achieved.

The issue is the re-inspection lot is triggered based only on whole days and from time of the Batch’s goods receipt (101 posting).

The client requires the re-inspection lot to trigger based only on hours and from time of the Batch’s quality release (321 posting).

Has anyone implemented a solution for this before OR suggest an optimal way of triggering IT09 recurring inspection based on age of stock in hours (not days)?