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Oct 29, 2019 at 03:31 PM

How to modify ANLB-SCHRW_PROZ to 0%



One asset has the field ANLB-SCHRW_PROZ filled with 100% although its depreciation code in all areas is LINE (linear depreciation code without scrap value).

The field ANLA-GPLAB was filled with a date And with AS02 this date was suppressed.

With the new depreciation calculation (EA-FIN is activated) I get the error message AA632 with AS03 or AS02.

The asset is entirely depreciated with NBV 0 (depreciation code LINE) but the error message is : "Line item causes scrap value of 261,00 to be violated " Note that the asset APC is 261,13

How to suppress the error message AA632 ?

The field ANLB-SCHRW_PROZ of this asset can't be modified so it's impossible to change 100% to 0%

Activation EA FIN must be in the system production on december 2019.

Thanks a lot for any help;

Best regards,

Bako Andrianjafy