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Oct 24, 2019 at 12:07 PM

SAP DVM - FI Documents - REFX


Hi All,

Can anyone share experience of archiving FI documents and specific to REFX .

We are currently in the process of Archiving the FI documents . Please note that we are not archiving the REFX Contracts, However when we archive the FI documents , there are FI documents related to Active Contracts that are being archived.

Is there a way to selectively archive FI documents excluding the REFX FI (accounting documents of Active contracts even though the documents are Closed/cleared. Would that be either by Document type(SA,KR) or with utilizing the reference procedure - (REACI) .

In other words , When the archival is done and If a contract was open, is there a way to ensure that NO FI documents associated with that would be archived .

Also, Could you let know how the archival process works when there are situations when they actually change a historically posted document .

Since the contracts span for multiple years and if a FI document of one such contract of ex: 2014 is archived , how to handle the situation when there is a reconciliation needs to be done for prior years.