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Oct 24, 2019 at 09:29 AM

Questions About SAP B1iSN


Hello. I'm taking my first steps on B1iSN and a series of questions just pops up:

1.- Most of the scenarios I'll create will be to expose several REST webservices that'll be consumed from an external software. The idea is that I expose a method in this web Service (eg: Customers) and based on a field in this method with an ID, I should "connect" and process this call to a specific DB.





In this case the ID = 1 represents DB = "SBO_SOCIETY1". If a receive an ID = 2 that means that DB would be "SBO_SOCIETY2".

Is this possible?

2.- Is there a way to create some scheduled task that consume an external webservice from within the B1iSN?. This because I need to consume an external webservice for download the exchage rate from bloomberg and update the DB's with this info. If this is possible, is there a way to define in the B1iSN which DB you need to update based on the local currency defined in SAP B1 and the info downloaded from the webservice?

3.- On the documentation there is a reference to out-of-the-box scenarios for Customers and Product Data. I just downloaded the PDFs to configure this scenarios...but I can't find them on my system. The scenario package identifier for the first scenario is: sap.MD.BizPartner and for the second one is sap.MD.Product. I can't find them. I just try to download them from the Bizstore but there are several scenarios there to download that it is very dificult for me to find it. Could you please help me with this?

Thank you.

Kind Regards.

José Antonio Salgueiro