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Oct 24, 2019 at 05:50 AM

Issue in Cutover Phase


Dear SAP Experts,

I am doing data migration activity for one of my client. In below two scenarios I am stuck. Please suggest me as i am getting mix response from some of my colleagues

Note: Data Migration did not happened properly while implementation phase as uploading GL value is still not zero. Transnational data posted in SAP and now data migration activity is happening.

1. Bank Main GL Upload

User has made posting for receipt and payment from Bank receipt and Payment GL. But they have never done BRS to Main Bank GL so in Main Bank GL balance is still ZERO.

Now in such case what should be the best approach for uploading the GL balance in Main Bank GL.

(a) Should I clear the Bank subledger value for payment and receipt GL using F-04 or Should I directly upload in Main Bank GL?

(b) What about the open Item available in Bank Subledger GL.

2. Uploading GL still having balance. Is it possible to make it zero or even after I am done with data migration that balance will still remain same.

3. For GR/IR A/c in the last closed FY - 2018 debit and credit side is not matching. In cumulative balance debit balance is showing which mean invoices are pending to be booked.

Please suggest me in above 3 points. Will be b=very helpful for me.