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Oct 24, 2019 at 02:45 AM

Login to SAP Community - prompt for certificate


I access the SAP community pages via
After the latest updates (from 23.10.2019) I am presented with a popup requesting a certificate:

My understanding so far was that you can get a certificate only for users with access to the support portal.
Is this still valid? I see no option to request a certificate for my P* user via my account page ( or via my profile (
Hopefully, by now most community users have learnt their lesson to use P* users if they wish to retain control of their contributions on SAP Community.
So why am I asked for a certificate at log on?
I understand that this is related to my browser setting (which I would like to keep that way, thank you):

but still, why?
Are there plans to allow the creation and use of certificates also for P* users?
If this is related to Universal ID: I do not participate in the program and even if I did - the popup for certificate does not seem very useful in such scenario.
What if I have multiple S* users, each with a certificate (which is probably common for employees of consulting companies) and I still wish to log on with my personal account to SAP community?
Currently I make use of Firefox Multi-Account Containers so that I can access in the same browser window SAP Community and SAP Support Portal pages simultaneously and it works quite well apart from this nuisance from yesterday.
If there is a workaround other than using a different browser with no certificates installed only to access SAP pages - please let me know.

The Release notes from 23.10.2019 do not mention anything about the login procedure, only a few minor changes like adding a link and some CSS adjustments so I am not sure whether the described behavior is intended or not.


idp-cert.jpg (32.0 kB)
cert-conf.jpg (20.6 kB)