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Oct 23, 2019 at 07:21 PM

SM30 does not allow an exclamation point as entry?


his is really strange. We noticed it when trying to maintain a table entry with a value of '!'. When I press enter, the exclamation point disappears without any message or explanation.

It occurred on one of our own tables in our namespace, but then we see it also happens in standard SAP tables. For example, if you try to change the text description of an order reason to be !, the same thing happens.

I agree that it is really not a normal thing to do, but why is this character not accepted yet it seems that all others are? How can I get SM30 to accept this? If I save it using some abap code, the entry is there just fine. This is really strange.

In that link - you can see the behavior.

Thanks for any explanations you can give. We can only figure out some workarounds.