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Oct 29, 2019 at 03:55 PM

PI 7.5 IDOC Monitoring



I am struggling to find IDOCs that were sent via PI. The PI system is version 7.5. i.e. single stack.

We have sent an IDOC from System A to System B and I have checked the IDOC in System B and it is there. In PI in Message Monitoring i can also see that the IDOC has been sent.

What I would like to do is check the structure and input valus of the IDOC in PI. Is this possible?

I know that one can go via Netweaver Administrator -> SOA -> Monitoring -> IDOC Adapter Monitoring, however the view shows nothing, it is simply blank. Even when I extend the date range for the entire month there is no Inbound or Outbound IDOC in this view!

Obviously I am doing something wrong.

All help greatly appreciated.