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Oct 28, 2019 at 04:13 PM

UserIDs as entity



We are trying to get any userID as an entity in order to perform several queries via odata.

I mean, an example for our chatbot flow could be:

I need to check USER1 holidays.

--> Skill for checking holidays is activated, with USER1 as entity "userID". --> Odata call with "userID = USER1".

I'm really newbie with chatbots and so sure it's easy to solve, but I am not able to set USER1 as userid into memory. With user names "Ex. John Doe" it's easier because nlp auto-assign it.

With restricted values, we can set them into the entity value list, but for userIDs, they are not "known words" so nlp does not work and the list is not restricted, it changes so many times. Should we feed the entity list with all possible values and update it everytime we have a new user?

Thanks a lot,