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Oct 28, 2019 at 11:45 AM

8816 8820 DBS-070401 violation; 301 unique constraint violated SAP Data Services


Dear community

I got this error message in BODS. Let me tell you what I want to achieve :

1)Using vendor related table BSAK, I selected the vendors for a specific company code and a date range, and written the results in a staging table -88. 01.jpg

2)I made a inner join between the results from the staging table -88 containing the selection of vendors and table EKKO, in order to find out the EBELN (Purchasing document number) for the selection of vendors and want to write them to an EKKO corespondent staging table -151. 02.jpg

Error message description : 03.jpg 04.jpg

If I open Staging table -151 in BODS there are 7 entries, as you can see in the print screens below. 05.jpg

If I open Staging table -151 in SAP, there are no entries in that table. 06.jpg

Do you have any suggestion in how we can fix this issue?

Thank you,



01.jpg (256.0 kB)
02.jpg (293.9 kB)
03.jpg (202.0 kB)
04.jpg (345.2 kB)
05.jpg (224.6 kB)
06.jpg (255.8 kB)