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Oct 26, 2019 at 01:38 AM

R3szchk error during DB Export


Dear community,

I am doing system copy process. Our Version is EhP4 for ECC6.0 running on OS400/DB2.

On Database Instance export, phase 'Run R3szchk', I had encountered an error. From the log it's show:


"INFO: XDNLevelTraceSetLocation: Trace set to: XDNTrace.020877.*
ERROR: Delete for clean_ddloadd failed
(rc = 103)
error message returned by DbSl:
DDLOADD in R3XXXDATA type *FILE not found. MSGID= Job=831790/ECPADM/QPADEV0002"


Checking on database also show the 'DDLOADD' is not exist.

Looking help from the community to advise/help to eliminate/solve this issue.

Thanks & Rgds