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Oct 25, 2019 at 11:17 PM

oracle upgrade 12102 to 18000 non unicode us7ascii character set

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I have just upgraded erp6 ehp6 oracle database on window2012r2 from oracle12102 to 18700

the upgrade went well all done no issues, installed 722 ext nonunicode kernel to run with it and SAP will not start.

nls_lang windows setting is america_american.us7ascii

message server starts and runs ok but work processes do not connect failing with

*** ERROR => Env. NLS_LANG='AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8DEC' not compatible to V$NLS_PARAMETERS: 'AMERICAN_AMERICA.US7ASCII', connection refused. [dbsloci.c 16089] C *** ERROR => Logging off con=0 because of error 18=DBSL_ERR_CONNECT. [dbsloci.c 2717]

what I dont understand is *** ERROR => Env. NLS_LANG='AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8DEC'

this is not set any where , there is a note referring to this error but my situation is that nls_lang is set to the same and nls_characterset where the note is about a conflict between the nls_lang and database nls settings so I'm missing something.

the registry is the same as the db settings, checked this again and it is AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8MSWIN1252 which is what the pre upgrade database had so I'm assuming that to be unchanged

I've downgraded the kernel to 721_ext from 722_ext with no improvement.

is there anyone with experience of this issue, I did not see any reference to changing the database character set as part of the upgrade.

I've opened a call with SAP but he only came up with the same stuff I did , hopefully he'll come back with something else soon or I'll looking at ditching everything for a restore

any input would be appreciated