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Oct 25, 2019 at 07:42 PM

How to properly include Sentry into UI5 application?



I've tried to integrate Sentry library into my UI5 application, but I've run into some issues. For anyone wondering - Sentry ( is a JavaScript library for collecting front-end errors. Basically it just collects all the JavaScript errors with useful context information and sends them to our Sentry server, where they can be managed.

What I did:

  1. Added sentry library into my project
  2. Listed sentry library as an external JavaScript file in manifest.json
  3. Initialized Sentry in the Component.js init method

It works like a charm, application runs ok, Sentry does its job and sends all the errors properly.

There's a little problem I haven't at first noticed tho. Once Sentry initializes, Fiori Launchpad HOME button (the house icon) kind of stops working properly. It redirects the user to homepage, but all the dashboard content (catalog groups, tiles) get missing. They just don't render at all, even tho all the launchpad requests are properly fired. No errors in console to be found.

Also, this only happens in certain scenario. When user starts in dashboard, navigates to my app, then uses home button to get back to dashboard, it all works just fine. But when user starts in the app (for example refreshes the page when in app), then uses the home button to get to the dashboard, blank dashboard shows up and user needs to refresh the page to see all the tiles again.

I've noticed that the presence of the Sentry library isn't really the problem. When the library is included in the page, the issue does not occur. But once Sentry.initialize(...) is called, for example manually from console after the app is started, home button breaks.

I haven't been able to figure this last problem out and our customers start to complain about this issue. Maybe Sentry just isn't compatible with UI5 framework? I'm out of ideas, any tip would be much appreciated.

Thank you for any help,