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Oct 24, 2019 at 07:16 PM

S/4Hana Smart Drill down Analytical Fiori App Implementation Prerequisite


Hello Experts,

I am trying to implement standard Smart Drill down Analytical Fiori App for S/4Hana, I am using Central Hub deployment for implementation & I have done below steps-

1- Activated the sapui5 app in SICF.

2- maintained & activated SSB/SMART_BUSINESS_DESIGNTIME_SRV & /SSB/SMART_BUSINESS_RUNTIME_SRV & assigned to user.

3- maintained & activated mentioned OData Service from Fiori Library & assigned to user roles.

4- assigned the Fiori Roles as mentioned in Fiori Libarary.

But still my applications are not loading,in console I can see some error like-

failed to load tile: Error (404, Not found) in OData response for GET "/sap/hba/r/sb/core/odata/modeler/SMART_BUSINESS.xsodata;o=HANA/Catalogs('HANA_CATALOG_MODELER')/Chips?$filter=id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_ASSOCIATION'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_AUTHORIZATION'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CONFIGURE_DRILLDOWN'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CONFIGURE_MIGRATION_TOOL'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CONFIGURE_TILE'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_WORKSPACE'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CREATE_KPI'%20or%20id%20eq%20'SAP_SB_MODELER_CREATE_EVALUATION'": HTTP request failed - sap.ui2.srvc.ChipInstance({oChip:sap.ui2.srvc.Chip({sChipUrl:""}),bFullscreen:false}) sap.ushell_abap.adapters.abap.LaunchPageAdapter 

So, I have below queries-

1- Is SAP Web dispatcher is mandatory for implementing analytical app for S/4Hana in Hub deployment?

2- Is Hana db roles & still needed for S/4Hana Analytical Implementation?

3- Is there any other steps also required apart from above mentioned steps?

4- I have not created any KPI & evaluations etc., I think those are only needed if we want custom KPIs

Many thanks in advance!