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Oct 24, 2019 at 10:59 AM

Get files in SFTP and sent Back as a attachment to Source system(Fiori) using rest adapter

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I am working on PI7.4 Version dual stack and having Requirement on REST sync scenario.

REST <----> PI<------->SFTP

Explanation: My source system is Fiori and Receiver is SFTP server. Here, SFTP server there are some Files(any format i.e.,.txt,.pdf etc.,). My query is, I want to pick those Files from SFTP server and it send back to source system(Fiori) in response as a atachment there is no transformation involved in this interface as simple as requirement is to fetch files from sftp and sent back to fiori as attachment for this i have designed API but not sure about how to get attahment using rest adapter.

Please suggest best way to ahieve this


Ramana Reddy.