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Oct 24, 2019 at 02:39 AM

S4HANA Internal Procurement Catalog set up


Hi all,

I have been referring to this document 'S4HANA_SSP_Config_CookbookV6' in an attempt to set up an internal procurement catalog in our S4 system.

I have ran MMPUR_CAT_EXT to import material for the catalog and can see these items in table MMPUR_CAT_ITM.

I have also set up an user in the organisational structure and assigned the web service to this user.

When I ran the create purchase requisition app, I can see the catalog web service appearing. However, when I click on the catalog, a window is opened with the same purchasing requisition screen. No catalog is displayed.

I am not too clear what I should put in the web service config for an internal catalog. Can someone please give me some pointers to this? Would be great is someone can share the call structure you use for the internal catalog.