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Oct 23, 2019 at 10:04 AM

BOPF : modify DO

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i get data of Textcollection DO of TRQ BO with navigation in sub nodes.

with help of service manager that created from TRQ BO

i want update the TEXT_CONTENT sub node of TEXT_COLLECTION with the instance of servicemanaget that created from TRQ

may be guide me how to do it ?

i know the structure of "/bobf/s_frw_modofication" but i have unsuccessful to use it

as illustrated


Data: lt_fields_dtl  type /bobf/t_frw_name.
append 'TEXT' to lt_fields_dtl.

DATA lr_text_content     TYPE REF TO /BOBF/S_TXC_CON_K.
CREATE DATA lr_text_content.
lr_text_content->key        = wa_Content_DBkey-KEY.
lr_text_content->TEXT       = '00000000000000000000'.

DATA lt_modify       TYPE /bobf/t_frw_modification.
DATA ls_modify       TYPE /bobf/s_frw_modification.
*--Fill Modification Structure
CLEAR ls_modify.
ls_modify-node        = ?.
ls_modify-key         = ?.
"ls_modify-root_key   = ?.
ls_modify-data        = lr_text_content.
ls_modify-source_node = ?.
ls_modify-source_key  = ?.
ls_modify-association = ?.
ls_modify-change_mode = /bobf/if_frw_c=>sc_modify_update.
ls_modify-changed_fields = lt_fields_dtl.
INSERT ls_modify INTO TABLE lt_modify.


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