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Oct 22, 2019 at 08:31 PM

FS00 - Clearing Specific to ledger Groups checkbox dissapears when an Account Group is selected


Dear Community

The clearing and Posting Specific to ledger groups functionality have been activated in my system but the option to select the field (Clearing Specific to Ledger Group) in FS00 is not available in the Account Group (OBD4).

If I don't select an account Group in FS00 then I can see the field Clearing Specific to Ledger Groups.

I have not found any Layout assigned to the Account Group so not sure why the field in question is not available in OBD4.

Any help to resolve this issue will be more than welcome.

If I select an Account Group in FS00 the field Clearing Specific to ledger Groups disappears

Thanks in advance !!!