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Oct 23, 2019 at 12:41 PM

Flexibility need on picking

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My customer sells products that have a lot of alternatives (1 customer product = X Material IDs). So when customer asks for product A which he doesn't have stock for, he might have to send product B. Product B, being 99,9% identical to A.

Also, he needs to make sure the product is working before shipping it to his customers.

Which makes 2 constraintes on the flow : possibility that the product doesn't pass the test => we need to redo logistics task to pick another piece, to the extend of maybe changing the product ID itself (to use an alternative).

In that case, we rather need to redo the whole sales order.

To avoid those changes on the Sales Order and logistics tasks, I am trying to take those constraintes out of the flow by picking and testing products before inititating Logistics tasks for the Sales Order, putting them on a different area, used for.

I already have explored many things so far but am running out of ideas now:

- Creating controles: doesn't use or trigger any logistics task before or after decision.

- Using Production Order: use of a "Make" task (with input/output product) is mandatory which I don't use and items have to be different (due to recursive BoM).

- Managing customer order on a logistics area and generate replenishments from other areas

Any ideas on how to manage this?

Many thanks in advance for your help,