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Oct 23, 2019 at 08:59 AM

Product work flow issue when different roles of work flow assigned to one employee


Hi Experts team,

We are having the product work flow with different roles. when we have each employee assigned to each role. the work flow is working fine.

But when the different roles are assigned to one employee and then all the actions of that employee are shown to all roles.

The issue is clearly described below with screen shots attached.

Can you please check and let us know if someone has solution for this?

Workflow issue when different roles are assigned to one employee:

We are having issue in product workflow when the different roles are assigned to the same employee.

We have 4 different roles, starter, editor, validator and approver.

When we assign for different roles to the one employee the access rights of different employees is not working and also all the actions of different roles is visible when he choose a role to login.

For example, let us say the user is trying to login with initial screen.

We see 3 different back office roles with which the user can login. see image1

For example, the user chooses the “industrial workflow start group” as in above screen and login in to the back office.see image2

As in the above screen we can see the actions of the editor role and validator role are visible for the starter role. see image 3

It seems that OOTB hybris collects all the actions of the employee of all the roles. Here as the starter role has no action, expectation is that the no action should be visible for starter.

Also, when we see the product, even we have given the read and write access for certain attributes for the starter role, it doesn’t seem to work. Still they have only read access.

It seems to take the access rights of its parent role.

We used below impexes to give access rights.















The workflow works fine when the employee has only one role assigned.

Can you please check and let us know if this OOTB hybris issue.

I have gone through the wiki but it seems like the back office roles are used only to give different view for the different roles.




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