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Oct 22, 2019 at 11:22 PM

SAP AFS Available Stock Inconsistency in MD04, MMBE and other Material Availability Transactions


For some time we have been experiencing aleatory inconsistencies in Available Stock in MD04, MMBE and other Material Availability Transactions:

Here you have one example:

  • AFS Material 100000000586 has been created and extended in multiple plant/storage locations as shown in MMBE:

  • In plant 3090 MMBE shows available stock of 2500 pieces (PZA), but in MD04 no available stock is shown, but when selecting Environment > ATP Quantities the 2500 pieces are shown

  • Same material is consistent in the other plants (MMBE, MD04 and ATP), for example in plant 2230 is shown with 26 pieces in MD04 and ATP Quantities:

  • This behavior is difficult to replicate, just happens occasionally for certain material transactions, then you could have several goods receipts with consistent behavior and then just one with this inconsistency and when trying to perform goods issue, stock shown in MMBE is not fully available (stock under coverage)
  • We already tried SAP note 48815, but not applicable for this behavior

Your advice would be very appreciated since this situations has been experienced for several weeks in production environment,

Kindly Regards,



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