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Oct 23, 2019 at 09:46 AM

ABC Analysis Daily Cycle Count


Hello SAP Community,

I did an ABC analysis on some tools that are used in our facility. For sake of conversation, lets say I have 1000 tools and I categorized them into 5 different classifications based on usage. My goal is to perform a cycle count daily of certain amount of tools with the abc classification in consideration. I don't want to cycle count all tools in a specific class at once but rather count fewer tools daily throughout the week which then adds up to be all tools of that class counted to meet the number of physical inventories performed yearly. To my understanding, cycle counting on SAP with an ABC classification would force me to count all tools of that class at once. The goal is to count a few tools every day that then also meets its No. of Physical inventories yearly. Is it possible to automate SAP to generate a daily cycle count sheet for tools in all classifications rather then automating a cycle sheet with tools from one class? Also, how would I do this if it's possible? I hope I was clear enough in my explanation. Thanks for your time.