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Oct 22, 2019 at 03:13 PM

Regarding generation of Xcode projects

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Hello community,

The following question comes to me regarding the regeneration of projects in case of updates on the design of the app:

The Assistant includes a button "Regenerate proxy clases" that it worked fine to me when I changed fields on the Data Model that is the base of the OData service that I'm using, but in other cases it was not the same . Example case: A change on the GW Service Builder with new properties added to Entity, at the moment of regenerate proxy classes on Xcode, some errors in code appeared "Entity has no member xxx", "properties without default value"(especially if is a primary key change).

So could someone recommend me if, Is it a good practice to generate the Xcode project again? And copy/paste the logic written in the previous project, instead of regenerating and solving code errors?

Thanks, Javier