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Oct 22, 2019 at 02:41 PM

Stop in SUM-Run S/4HANA with AddOn "PLVAT 100"


Hi all,

We use the SAP AddOn "PLVAT 100" on our ERP-System. Now we are in a Sandbox-Project for S/4HAN-Conversion. Unfortunately this add-on is not mentioned in the Pre-Checks for S/4HANA Conversion or in the Maintenance Planner. Last Friday we had a dialog in the SUM, where we were asked about the add-ons. For one AddOn we have the necessary .PAT files, which were then accepted without complaint. Only with PLVAT we didn't get any further.

We have then the SAP hint 2351241 - SAF-T Poland: Release Strategy for "SAP ERP, add-on for Polish SAF-T regulatory requirements 1.0"

which contains the following, among other things:

The ERP add-on "PLVAT" is compatible with the following S/4HANA releases:

- S/4HANA 1809 (since PLVAT100 SP05)

Since we only work with SP04 so far, we have assumed the cause for our problems. We also read Note 2345524.

We then aborted the SUM and imported the SP05 for PLVAT into the ERP environment.

Yesterday at noon we had another XML file created via the Maintenance Planner and started the SUM again. Unfortunately we had to find out that the SUM stops at exactly the same point and reminds on the AddOn "PLVAT 100".

Did anybody had the same Problem and can give me a hint how to act in this Case?

Thanks and best regards