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Oct 22, 2019 at 11:08 AM

JMS adapter | Chinese text conversion - part II



I already initiated this problem before. Now it is time for the second part.
We still struggle with Chinese characters, received by the JMS sender adapter. Bottom line is receiving messages from an MQ series machine and these messages contain hexadecimal content (Chinese).

Characters are still messed up in the monitoring and therefore the mapping fails (invalid XML characters...).

JMS adapter specifics, see previous quesion (link above). Besides that,

  • CCSID = 935
  • localejbs/AF_Modules/MessageTransformBean used with Transform.ContentType = text/plain;charset=utf-

It does not have any effect on data entering the system.

Furthermore, on MQ side

  • MQMD.format= MQSTR
  • MQMB.format= MQSTR

All suggestions are welcome!

Thanks a lot.