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Oct 22, 2019 at 07:34 AM

Communication over HTTP. Failed in creating a socket to host at port 80


Hi Friends,

We try to send messages to one of our systems in the landscape using SOAP Receiver channel. (SAP PO 7.5 Version)

In channel we use https URL (for Receiver) with port no. as 443 explicitly.

https://<host>:443/<xxx>service/uploadcontent?docbase_name=<xxx>&type=<xxx>&auth= <key>

It is unable to send. It gives the following error. A remote host refused an attempted connect operation. (Connection refused) (local host unknown, remote port 80 to address xxx.0.0.1 (loopback))

When I check the error log in expert view, it gives error message "Failed in creating a socket to host at port 80".

The firewall is opened from PO system to Receiver System. Basis team is able to ping / reach destination system at OS level.

When I tried through the soapUI also, it gives the same error.

We explicitly defines Port No. 443 in the target URL but why it goes through the port 80 is not clear.

Could you please clarify ?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Jegatheeswaran P.