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Oct 21, 2019 at 07:08 PM

Multiple distance to be considered by GIS ( total distances ) & Toll distance at FO level


Hello Marcus Zahn

I wanted some inputs and assistance.we have business requirement to read the TU and FO multiple distances

i.e. Toll and total distance, Today inside the configuration ( Define dist/duration determination), i am unable to define 2 geocoding level determined as distance and duration determination strategy picks only one Stratergy by default,and to make it work we need to maintain some SL distance in a range.

But in my case SL distance UB and LB has to be zero so that each time any order comes needs to read both of these stratergy and make give me back the results, we used 2 different Z classes in start definition, but default it picks only one.

can you tell how we can solve this issue