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Apr 03, 2006 at 07:03 PM

Constarints & Competability on Upgrade to BI 7.0



We are on BW 3.0B and on R3 4.6C and on CRM 3.0 and APO 3.0.

We currently considering an upgrade of the hall landscape.

I have 2 Questions:

1. I belive there are no constraints on BW to connect

to any other source systems, CRM and R3? in this


Extractors wise!

Lets say we upgrade to CRM 5.0 and R3 to 7, will

we still be able to stay on 3.0B? or 3.5 etc?

2. Unicode, Is BI 7.0 is like BW 3.5?

Can you have a unicode and non unicode?

Thanks Edan