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Oct 22, 2019 at 07:36 AM

Theoretically right strategy to implement SAP BW?


My company is going to implement a BW with HANA. There are 2 available options for BW. One is BW for HANA and the other one is HANA Database where we integragrate information using Smart Data Integration. I know that the choice of the tools strongly depends on the environment that we have, but I want to ask a this type of question.

I was recommeded to take BW for HANA for thouse sources where information is kept in SAP systems like CRM. And to use standalone HANA for other sources like Oracle or SQL Server. We have both SAP and non SAP sources. Which approach should we take? Implement both type of BWs and keep 2 independent servers or try to create one.

I want to know about your experience and thoughts on this. Which system is better to take, what are cons and pros in each case?

Also, I want to avoid using SAP Netweaver. Can I use smart data integration in both cases?