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Oct 22, 2019 at 02:44 AM

Material number field losed in MATDOC and MSEG


Dear experts,

when I do PGI for a delivery note(DN) with 631 movement type to transfer the stock from normal stock to special stock W. The system doesn't receive the goods in stock W and I can't post the delivery note, because of stock shortage. I have tried cancelling the 631 by VL09 but failed, also because of stock shortage.and MMBE/MB52 shows there are no quantity of the material.

After some wrok, I found the "stock material"(MATBF) and "reveiving material" in MATDOC and MSEG losed, is there any experts had meet this problem before? Hope to get answer from you, thanks!


mseg.png (39.1 kB)
matdoc.png (64.1 kB)