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Oct 21, 2019 at 03:22 PM

passing and reading the one container data to another container in Split containers in using CL_SALV



We have a requirement where we need to display multiple ALV's on single screen. User will select the line item from first grid and few items from 4th grid. Based on the selected items from both the containers, an order to be created.

We have a button on first container , upon clicking we identify the item selected from container 1 using below code.

lr_selections1 = o_salv_table4->get_selections( ).
lt_rows1 = lr_selections1->get_selected_rows( ).

Similarly we wanted to read the data which is selected in 4th container when button is pressed in first container only. As the instances are different, 4th container selected data is not visible in the first container.

Attaching document has the the sample output which we are expecting.

Is it possible to to read the containers data in other container ?

Can anyone share the ideas on how to achieve the same?

PS : We have an alternative approach where we are displaying 3grids on first screen and upon submission 4th grid on different screen. However we would like to display 4 grids on one ALV screen so that user will able to view complete details at one go.

Thank you.