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Former Member
Oct 21, 2019 at 04:07 PM

No goods receipt for HU with materials that are serial number-managed


Hello everyone,

I have created an inbound delivery with 4 identical materials. These materials require a serial number. I always enter the serial numbers in the inbound delivery.

If I pack these materials on a HUs in the inbound delivery and send it to EWM, I can post the goods receipt without any problems.

However, if I use automatic packing in EWM for the same reason, it always issues these 2 error messages:


Error message here: Number of serial numbers without HU assignment 4 greater than quantity not packed 0


Error message here: Quantity 4 not equal to number serial numbers 8

So why does EWM want 8 serial numbers instead of 4? Why are these numbers only assigned to the HU, when I pack the materials in the inbound delivery in ERP? Everytime I pack it with automatic packing in EWM the serial number assignment does not work or he wants more serial numbers than there is material to put away.

Thank you already in advance. Hope you guys can help me.