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Oct 21, 2019 at 10:59 AM


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Hi Expert

My query is very simple. Here is the scenario...

I have a button which i use for storing incremental value in a global variable. For every click the global variable get increases its value by 0.5. Now I want this new value to be sent through setVariableValue function so that the data source (DS_WORKING) returns with a new set of result.

Now the problem is for the first click everything is working fine. But for the second click the prompt window is appearing. Again for the third click things go right but for the fourth click again the prompt window appears. and it goes on and on ....

There is nothing in the application on startup event and variable initialization event. I am using lumira 2.3 sp2 and data source is a universe based on a hana attribute view.

Can anyone help me finding the reason and a solution.

Under button onClick event



DS_WORKING.setVariableValue("psWorking Hour", Convert.floatToString(XGV_WORKING_INIT));