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Oct 21, 2019 at 10:21 AM

Deploy SAPUI5 application - Required destination is missing


Dear all,

I'm deploying a SAPUI5 application from SAP Web IDE to SAP Cloud Platform but when I check the corresponding HTML5 app named arimadf2v3ticket I see that under Required Destination the destination IOTAS_COLDSTORE is missing even though I've defined it in neo-app.json file:


{ "welcomeFile": "/webapp/index.html", "routes": [{ "path": "/backend/", "target": { "type": "destination", "name": "IOTAS" }, "description": "SAPUI5 Test Resources" }, { "path": "/coldstore/", "target": { "type": "destination", "name": "IOTAS_COLDSTORE" }, "description": "SAPUI5 Cold Store Test Resources" }, { "path": "/backend-image/", "target": { "type": "destination", "name": "IOTAS-FILEIMAGE" }, "description": "SAPUI5 Test Resources" }, { "path": "/resources", "target": { "type": "service", "name": "sapui5", "entryPath": "/resources" }, "description": "SAPUI5 Resources" }, { "path": "/test-resources", "target": { "type": "service", "name": "sapui5", "entryPath": "/test-resources" }, "description": "SAPUI5 Test Resources" }, { "path": "/sap/opu/odata", "target": { "type": "destination", "name": "BP3", "entryPath": "/sap/opu/odata" }, "description": "BP3" }, { "path": "/IOTAS-ADVANCEDLIST-THING-ODATA", "target": { "type": "destination", "name": "IOTAS-ADVANCEDLIST-THING-ODATA" }, "description": "IOTAS-ADVANCEDLIST-THING-ODATA" }, { "path": "/IOTAS-DETAILS-THING-ODATA", "target": { "type": "destination", "name": "IOTAS-DETAILS-THING-ODATA" }, "description": "IOTAS-DETAILS-THING-ODATA" }, { "path": "/IOTAS-COMPOSITE-EVENTS-ODATA", "target": { "type": "destination", "name": "IOTAS-COMPOSITE-EVENTS-ODATA" }, "description": "IOTAS-COMPOSITE-EVENTS-ODATA" }, { "path": "/DigitalFeature", "target": { "type": "destination", "name": "DigitalFeature" }, "description": "Send OdP to DigitalFeature" },{ "path": "/DST_TICKET", "target": { "type": "destination", "name": "DST_TICKET" }, "description": "Send ticket to c4c system" }], "sendWelcomeFileRedirect": true, "headerWhiteList": [ "apiKey" ] }

The destination IOTAS_COLDSTORE is defined under Destination in SAP Cloud Platform.

Please let me know how to fix the problem.

Thank you.

Best regards.

Bye Luigi Alboino